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Tumblestone iPhone Game App Review

Tumblestone for iPhone is a fresh take on block-matching games. Specifically, it is a fast paced matching game with an expansive story mode that features twelve worlds to play through. It tests your puzzle solving skills to the hilt. The game may be downloaded free of cost from iTunes App Store.

The Game

Tumblestone game for iPhone completely reinvents the matching genre into a deep and cerebral puzzle solving experience that you won’t forget. In the game, you fire colored blocks into a grid up above in order to make matches. As you progress, the grid shifts the challenge for a pensive experience that still requires good pacing. You can’t just relax. Tumblestone is the original action-puzzle game in its genre. You got to solve progressively more difficult and creative puzzles, help a sausage make friends, and find out what happened to the Tumblecrown. Its story mode provides 40+ hours of story campaign that will test your puzzle-solving prowess. It features 11 gameplay modifiers. The arcade modes are for a bit of relaxed gaming. Relax and enter the zone with Tumblestone’s three arcade modes and have a blast. On top of that, there are hundreds of quests to complete, which are exciting as well as challenging. As the puzzles get difficult, the time for solving them also goes up. You got to be really on your toes to solve the puzzles when it comes to the higher levels. But that is where the actual fun lies.

Tumblestone for iPhone has a well designed UI. The 12 modes and the arcade modes are beautifully rendered. Performance wise, we found the game to be stable throughout. The game requires iOS versions 6.0 or higher.


Tumblestone for iPhone is a fun yet challenging block matching puzzle game that tests your puzzle solving skills and speed of thought. The initial levels are easy enough. But the going gets tough as you progress. It is nice that the game has lots of hours of game play to keep you entertained. The quests are interesting to say the least. UI design is largely user friendly. The graphics is decent, if not great. We found the app to be slick and responsive as well. Check it out if you are a fan of block matching puzzles.

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