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Untappd Discover Beer Android App Review

Untappd Discover Beer Android App provides a socializing network service where you can share all the details about the drinks you have and love to have socially. It is a blessing in disguise for many who are not quite aware about the various brands and types of hot drinks available. It helps you find the nearest bar and you will also know the kind of drinks they serve. It puts you completely at ease when you visit a bar or a pub for the first time and you are capable of naming the brands like a pro. It helps you be a conscious social drinker. 

Drink Socially By Sharing Your Experience With Untappd

Untappd Discover Beer for Android is a simple and easy to use app that helps you discover and share new bars and beers  near your locality. You get to share breweries, beers and venue with you friends who share your interest. It helps you discover everything you love about your favorite drink. You can keep track of the beers you like and also create a list of all your favorite drinks. You will get notifications when your favorite venue updates its collection of beers. You can search and find new venues for beer across the globe.

The Untappd Discover Beer App for Android lets you follow friends and you get to see the beer they are enjoying. You get to learn different beers from different countries. Earn badges as rewards as you share pictures, views and rate different checked in beers.


Untappd Discover Beer Android App is founded by Tim Mather and Greg Avola is completely for the geo social experience. You can check in with the app as you start your drink and share details and location with your friends. The app inspires you to travel and explore the different breweries each exotic location has. It is a unique way helping you gain knowledge on one of the most popular entertainment and social aspect of many lives. It definitely helps you live a life with your favorite drink. The app is free for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.