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Via iPhone App Review

Via iPhone App is a maze puzzle game that make players confused and encouraged their level of concentration. The gameplay has been excellent and it develops the puzzle solving skill of the player. The gaming visuals were simple and the graphics promises to the requirement of the game. The puzzles were very much challenging and it definitely will test our critical thinking level. The app is developed by Gonzalo Rodriguez del Cid and is free to download from the app store.

Find your path – Maze puzzle game

The user interface of the game is simple and very much user friendly thereby all users can play the game without any preparations. The developers in the application provides a trial period where the user can play up to first 30 paths that is around 3 journeys. Purchasing the app will give the user the grant to access all paths such as 100 paths in 10 journeys. We can easily understand the gameplay and can surpass first few levels without any difficulty if we have some sort of logical thinking capability. Some paths seems to be really tough and it requires great logical thinking to surpass it.

Another challenge offered by Via iPhone game app is that we need to collect color gems from each path and altogether it makes complete of one journey. This game is a great exercise for our mind and purchasing it for full really is a good choice. Another great advantage is that the application comes up with no ads in both free trial and full purchase period.

Perfect Choice

The Via iPhone App is a great choice for all the puzzle and logical game lovers in iOS platform. The game supports languages such as English, Spanish. The app does not ask for any other data and offers a server to store the information from the users. Navigation, smoothness, gameplay etc. make this app a perfect choice for the users worldwide.