TeachMe: Kindergarten iPhone app Review

Description TeachMe: Kindergarten iPhone app:

In the TeachMe: Kindergarten app is a great way to educate your children while keeping them entertained at the same time.  This app focuses on four different subjects that all kindergarten children need to learn.  There is subtraction and addition as well as sight words and spelling.  Parents can customize these subjects to include certain questions geared towards the needs of their children.  Parents will also find the ability to be able to customize the rewards system as well.



  • You can get a bunch of different awards as you progress in the awards.  One of these awards is the virtual aquarium.  The way you achieve this is by getting over 25 items and having at least four different types of fish
  • The sticker reward scene is also a good one because there are four different ones.  You can get scenes in the beach, the farm, the city, the pirate cove, and also the underwater reef
  • You can have up to 100 different stickers  that the kids can use to decorate their scenes and make fun and exciting pictures
  • There are four different slots that you can fill up to save your kids learning information.  In other words, you can have four different kids save their info on here
  • You can customize the games so that you can pick which of the different subjects you would like to be displayed for your kids
  • You can even personalize it enough to take out specific questions in each of the different sections
  • You can also decide how many right questions that you kids to need to get in a row in order for them to get any kind of reward on the app
  • You can also customize the amount of questions they need to answer in a row in order to have properly learned a question.  This way you can gear it towards your kids weaknesses
  • The app also has a system for measuring accuracy based on the last five question on each of the subject items
  • You can take any of the reward scenes that you have gotten and then export them to your photos scene so you can use them as a wallpaper or you can email them to yourself or other people


This app for little kids has been given a rating of 4 out of 5 stars by users that have either downloaded the app or have at least tried it out.  It is pretty inexpensive, costing only $0.99 to download onto your mobile phone.