Text Edit App for Android Review

Those who don’t want complex text editing apps may try Text Edit app for Android. It is a simple text editing application, but comes with more features than you might expect from a similar app. You can get Text Edit Android app for free from Google Play Store.

Text Edit App Features

Text Edit app for Android could be your ideal backup text editor application. For example, you can’t use Evernote to edit some code, or write a message that need to be sent as attachment via email. You can do those in Text Edit within couple of minutes.

If to mention the coolest feature of Text Edit Android app, it must be the integrated file manager. It is somewhat annoying to open an external browser to browse the exact file path of the file you wish to edit. With Text Edit, you can simply click options and click open and the file managers takes over. You can browse the files you wish to edit right from the app. You also got lots of customization options. You can change/vary the font size, color, font type and even the background color of text editor itself to suit your taste. You can also open email attachments in Text Edit. The search button comes handy.

Text Edit App for Android

There aren’t any downsides for Android Text Edit app as such. If there is one that is worth noting, then it has to be the fact that the development of Text Edit has been stopped. Developers say it is a finished product, and it doesn’t get any more updates. As of now, the app works just fine. But later on, when there’ll be other superior apps in the Play Store, yours might appear a bit outdated.
The user interface is well laid out and easy to use. The application is compatible with Android OS 2.1 and up.

Final Thoughts

Text Edit app for Android is your basic text editing app. It might not be as sophisticated as your Evernote. But it has got its own strengths and utilities that none could deny. The app is easy to use for most parts. Its integrated file manager makes it easy to browse files from within the app. Customization options come handy. Text Edit is also one of the few ‘finished’ products without future updates you could find in Google Play Store. Verdict: One of the best simple, ad-free text editing apps you might find in Android.

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