The Impossible Quiz! iPhone app Review

Description The Impossible Quiz app:

In The Impossible Quiz! iPhone app you will be able to try your hand at one of the hardest virtual quizzes that has ever been created.  It’s not just difficult or really hard, it is literally impossible to complete all of the questions and challenges that are provided in the app.  This is an original app with brain busting qualities and you will find that the logic puzzles are pretty wacky.  Once you get pretty far in the game you can then use the Facebook integration to show your genius to your friends and family. You will need luck, quick reflexes, and some pretty sound logic in order to complete all of the questions.


  • This quiz is one of the hardest quizzes out there and you will notice that there are over 100 different questions for you to try and answer.  These questions will have a mixture of classic original ones as well as mind benders that you have never even seen before
  • As you are reading the quiz questions and are trying to answer them you will be able to use the unique setup that has been provided by the introduction of the touch screen.  Your solutions will be submitted in that manner
  • Another great part about the app is that it has full integration with social networking sites.  It is especially compatible with Facebook so you will be able to post your scores and how far you have gotten on the quiz for all of your family and friends to see
  • One of the main features of this fun little app is the cat named Chris.  He will follow you around and give you some tips and some advice wherever it may be necessary
  • The last part to remember is that you are going to have to try and see how far you can get into the game before you give up.  The developers dare you to see how far you can progress without your mind exploding


This impossible quiz really is pretty tough.  One of the things that makes the game so tough is that you actually have 100 different questions that you are trying to answer.  It can be very hard to get through all 100 of them with correct answers.  You will find some classic mind benders but also a bunch of new challenges that you have never seen before and it will tickle your mind as you attempt to figure it all out.

This app has been given a rating of 4 out of 5 stars by iPhone app users and you can download it right onto your iPhone for only $0.99.