The Mystery of Blackthorn Castle Android App Review

There’s something about puzzle adventure games that enthrall us. The exciting storylines, the beautiful landscapes and of course, the taunting puzzles make these games hard to put down. The Mystery of Blackthorn Castle from Syntaxity is a point and click game from this genre that takes you on a quest through a mysterious castle.

How The Mystery of Blackthorn Castle App for Android Works

Your uncle Henry, who is a treasure hunter and adventure seeker like Indiana Jones, has reached out to you to help him find a hard to find treasure. As an archeologist, you go on an epic quest to help him. This adventure puzzle game starts in a 14th century castle. According to legend, a wizard who lived in Blackthorn Castle centuries ago stole a valuable object from a local watch maker and hid it in the castle. You and uncle Henry get to explore the eerie Blackthorn Castle with its surrounding dark forests. As you progress along the quest, you discover mazes, dark passageways, and clues that help to solve the many puzzles. And you have to get to the treasure before anyone else does.

To help you, you can purchase Fast-travel that helps you to move faster around the map. You can also buy hints with walkthrough videos that help you progress through stages faster.  The Mystery of Blackthorn Castle app for android features captivating HD graphics, custom composed soundtracks and effects. A dynamic map shows the screens you have already progressed through and your current location. There is also a camera feature with which you can take pictures of clues and symbols you have discovered.  You can save your progress at any stage of the game and return to it whenever you feel like; there is also an auto save option.


With many clues to find, items to retrieve and puzzles to solve, The Mystery of Blackthorn Castle game app for android keeps you occupied for hours. Simple controls, great graphics and a soothing background score makes this a pleasure to play. At $3.70,  it is worth the buy on Play Store. Rated for ages 3+, the game has already been downloaded 500,000 times. The Mystery of Blackthorn Castle is highly recommended.

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