Timepage Calendar by Moleskine iPhone App Review

Timepage is a powerful calendar and to do app available for iPhones, iPad and the Apple Watch which provides an excellent way to get organized and plan your day. It is a smart calendar that is easy to use and makes every day more productive by combining your events, maps, contacts and weather into one app. You have even more features than the regular calendar app.

Events and Reminders, in a powerful, smart way

Timepage Calendar for iPhone has a beautiful, elegant and simple user interface and amazing animations when you are either adding event or just checking existing events or while navigating through the app. It is more like turning the pages of a digital day planner. Appointments are present within a single scrollable page, with a chronological list of dates which can be tapped to easily jump between appointments. Tapping on a day expands to display schedules events and a weather forecast. You can swipe to go to the next day. You need to tap on a date and swipe down to display the input screen in which you can add a new event and fix a time using the time slider.

When in a daily list view, swipe left to see the monthly calendar. Search and settings menu are accessible by swiping right on the screen. There are plentiful customization options. You can change the color of your timeline, days and events. The colors can be shaded with different intensity. Choosing the right color for different events is vital for the use of this app. The heat map view of month with blobs of chosen color indicates how busy a day is. Taping on the blobs displays list view. The app sends you a summary notification of how today is for you. The app searches contacts and other personal social networking sites to suggest names and events as you enter details about your appointments.


Timepage Calendar for iPhone is an easiest event creation and calendar app that works well with any calendar you already have on your phone. It syncs quickly with all the apps and sites you are using to keep you up to date and has an inbuilt weather forecast that suggests what to wear for the day.

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