Tinycards Fun Flashcards iPhone App Review

Tinycards Fun Flashcards iPhone app is developed for educational purpose by Duolingo. Inc, which is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Tinycards utilizes divided reiteration and other shrews learning system to assist you with recalling new material. Create your own decks and offer them with companions, or pick from an assortment of instant assortments. You will discover flashcards for your subjects like biology, chemistry, geography, history,languages and more. Learn nearly anything with wonderful, enlivened flash cards. Have a ton of fun opening new levels and keeping your memory quality bar full while you learn.

Tinycards iPhone App Features

Tinycard – Fun Flashcards app for iPhone is a flash card app made by the designers of language- learning application Duolingo. At the point when you dispatch the app just because, you can pick whether you are a student, an educator, or not one or the other. You would then be able to decide. To pursue some expert flash card makers, including Duolingo (which gives foreign- language flash cards) and different engineers that represent considerable authority in foreign language, history, anatomy, geography, and science. You would then be able to peruse your new source to see flash cards created by different clients. You can likewise transfer your own flash cards by making them individually by means of an internet browser.

Your cards can include pictures and content, and there is an inherent component that will change over your content to discourse in a few languages. At the point when you study a flash card deck, cards show up in an organized, vital way: First you will see one, at that point another, another, and then pick between them. At that point you will approached to accomplish something all the more testing, like composing or picking the correct answer among three or four choices. Students can utilize the app without a record and survey flash card decks at freedom; they likewise can make a record and spare decks to their “Favorites” and audit their exhibition after some time. Educators can share their flash cards decks with their students, and they can follow their student’s advancement with these common decks.


The main missing component is an approach to transfer cards in group, which is an element of some other test and flash card apps. Up until now, Tinycards iPhone app just lets you make your cards individually. In any case, there are sufficient solid flash card decks created by specialists that you probably won’t want to assemble your own. By and large, much the same as learning languages with Duolingo, utilizing flash cards with Tinycards can just take you up until this pint, yet in the event that you have content that demand retention, this a commendable, immersing approach to think about and learn.

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