Toontastic 3D iPhone App Review

Toontastic 3D for iPhone is a digital storytelling app that lets you draw, animate, and narrate stories with your own cartoon. It is a powerful and engaging tool which provides tools to create your imaginative characters. You need to create your own animation and narration to tell your story. And, it is as easy as playing. Move characters around and record your voice, the app stores it on your device as a video. A complicated process of making an animated short movie is made so simple and visually appealing.

Draw, animate and narrate comics and cartoons

Toontastic 3D for iPhone is for the entire family and friends. You design, create and animate and then share it to the world. The app provides three story options, short story, classic story and science report. Each option has the format followed in which story narration is envisioned. The format is set, conflict, challenge, climax, and resolution. There is a brief overview about each plot points. You can use the tools and 3D characters present in the app to bring out comic strips and cartoon stories. Also, design your own characters by using the simple drawing tools. To add movements to the animation, tap record and move the characters and objects as per the story line. Narrate the story and use the tools to bring life to the characters. Lastly, add a music score or a voice over narration.

These pieces of animation can be combined to form one video. Just tap and drag to add movement and animate the characters. The science report option is more complicated and makes kids get familiar with the scientific processes. Music can be added with variations in the intensity that suits the mood of the scene. At the end of it, kids make a short story they can be proud of.

Create Wonderful Comics and Cartoons

Toontastic 3D for iPhone is a creative and playful way to create short movies, photo albums, news reports, designs and anything else that pops in your mind. A creative platform for storytelling where the kids are the director and run the show. It is a flexible and easy to use storytelling app that looks and also sounds great. The app is free to download and required iOS 9.0 or later.

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