TOR Browser Android App Review

TOR Browser Android App provides a complete private browsing experience without that hassles of tracking, censoring or surveillance. It is the only mobile browser for android devices that offers strongest privacy and utmost freedom online. It is not easy to browse web without being tracked. The sites we visited, and things we like is all being monitored by other websites to make sure we get the appropriate ads. We can break away from this trend and stay away from those who are watching all our moves on the Internet. It helps us stay private and keep our data secured.

Privacy And Security, Two Main Concerns Addressed Effectively

TOR Browser Android App is an effective tool that provides easy and quick access to the internet with pricey and security as the main goal. It successfully isolates each website users visits from third party trackers and therefore ads cannot follow you. All cookies will be deleted as soon as you complete your browsing. You can easily defend all surveillance as it prevents others from knowing our presence on the web, the sites we visited, browsing habit and more.

The TOR Browser Android App makes all users look the same thereby making it difficult to isolate users based on the browser and device information. The app provides a multilayer encryption of three times  and have thousands of servers called Tor relay that manages the traffic.


TOR Browser Android App is for those who love privacy while browsing. It is an open source software developed by the company, The Tor Project Inc. It gives people utmost freedom while protecting their privacy. The mission is to give the people their right to freedom. The open source technology gives the browser the required privacy and anonymity. It also enhances the users unrestricted use of the web that is available all times. You can learn more about the browser from the respective blogs and updates can be seen in Twitter. The TOR Browser  app is free for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.

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