Traderline Betfair Android App Review

Traderline app for Android is a sports betting application that help you improve your sports betting prowess, and in the process, your overall finances. It enhances your chances by letting you monitor live markets, analyse historical data, and eventually, complete multiple transactions in a single click. The app is available for a free 7 day trial, beyond which it is chargeable. You can get Traderline app from Betfair website.


The first thing you’ll possible note about Traderline app for Android is its ladder interface. The advantage of such a layout is that it lists all the latest fixtures and odds so that you can quickly decide which ones are worth betting on. To stand a good chance of winning in sports betting, you got to be in touch with the latest results. Even late by couple of minutes is decisive. Traderline for Android, through its in-play stats, give users live data about the matches in real-time. In sports betting, it is also important that how well you judge the rivalry between two players, especially in games such as tennis or badminton. By analyzing the historical data as well as current form of players in a rivalry, say Nadal Vs Djokovic, you’ll get a better idea of which player currently stands a better chance of winning the duel. Traderline help you do just that.

Traderline Betfair Android App

As mentioned, time is a vital factor in betting. Traderline app for Android let you place dozens of wagers in a few seconds, with a single click. This feature let you capitalize on favorable market conditions sans wasting time. The app also comes with Horse Racing Tools that gives you a better experience on the racing markets. Multi-Market mode allows you to open and trade in several markets at the same time. Apart from the features mentioned above, the app also let punters place stop loss limits on their activity so that their losses won’t exceed a predetermined amount should something go wrong.If you’re going to use Traderline for Android for the first time, you can make use of the practice mode to get a feel of every feature the app has. That gives you a better idea of what Traderline is capable of.


The key to making a kill in the betting world is to compile and analyze as much data as possible, and arrive at a logical decision based on the available info. With its many features, Traderline app for Android allows you to do just that. The UI of the app is user friendly. The practice mode helps new users get used to the features of the application. The ability to place multiple wagers in a single click, and multi-market mode are couple of its major features. The Horse Racing tool comes handy to racing enthusiasts. Overall, a complete sports betting tool worth checking out if you’re a budding punter.

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