Trivia Crack 2 Android App Review

Playing trivia quizzes can be a lot of fun – whether you are on your own or with family and friends. It can be challenging. One of the best things about trivia quizzes is that it enables you to learn quite a lot about a range of subjects in a fun way. Trivia games are interesting and informative for kids and adults alike. It is also the perfect way to spend time with kids and build up their learning skills in an entertaining way. Trivia Crack 2 is a popular trivia game app from Etermax.

How it works

Trivia Crack 2 app for android helps you to keep your brain sharp. With a wide range of categories, exciting characters and exchangeable items, the game offers interesting challenges. The categories (which are updated with questions constantly) are Science, History, Art, Entertainment, Sport and Geography. Advancing levels offer new modes of plays to master. The objective is to collect the game’s original characters at each level. The more characters you collect, the more prizes you win. The game has more than 240 levels represented by adorable collectible characters you can accumulate as you progress. As you collect more characters, you get gold bars that enable you to buy power-ups and double chances.

Trivia Crack 2 android app offers players the option to join pre-existing teams of trivia experts or even to create your own teams. You can exchange items with your team members to get the power-ups you require. The beautiful animation and graphics with sound effects make this game a pleasure to play.  Trivia Crack 2 features hundreds of thousands of questions that are updated regularly. You can challenge millions of players online by starting new duels. There is even an option to create your own questions.


Rated for ages 3+, the free to download app has been installed more than 10 million times. A fun app that helps to make you smarter, it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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