Turbo FTP Client & SFTP Client Android App Review

Turbo FTP Client & SFTP Client for Android a file sharing app available in Google Play Store. File Transfer Protocol or FTP is generally used to transfer files from one location to another. You will be uploading the file from one system and download the actual files that make up a website. Though many Android file explorers do have FTP capabilities, they lack several essential features and are no match for a dedicated FTP client. Even the browser used in Android devices is a FTP client and you can access some server but the user interface is not like the one in a dedicated software.

Sharing files made easy

Turbo FTP Client & SFTP Client for Android has a material theme and guidelines that make it look and perform like a new gen application. As the name suggests, Turbo FTP is snappy and fast with a sleek, intuitive and powerful Android FTP. It is built following the latest Android guidelines. Turbo supports both password and private key authentication for SFTP connections. Along with regular FTP and SFTP, the app also supports FTPES which is Explicit FTP over SSL/TLS. The app gives one of the best experiences and is optimized for both smart phone and tablets.

Turbo FTP has a powerful internal editor that lets you edit script files directly. Temporarily download a file and preview it before you actually download it. When you close the app, all the files in the temp folder will be automatically deleted. Other features of the app includes multi-view support for Samsung devices, ability to move app to SD card, local password encryption, root directories feature, and regular and rich updates. The app is translated into many languages and you can also help them translate.


If you are looking for a simple and straightforward FTP and SFTP client then Turbo FTP Client & SFTP Client Android app is for you. The app is free with ads and other in-app purchases.

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