Vidogram Messenger Android App Review

Vidogram for Android is a messenger app that is based on telegram. It is a fast and secure messenger that can be used to quickly send video, audio and messages. Telegrams, though, a thing of past, has a lot of relevance even today, when you want to send urgent messages almost immediately. The app is based on this concept of telegram, infused with technology and features that helps with better performance. Create multiple accounts and send messages, live stream and play with family and friends.

Send digitized telegrams, innovatively with Vidogram

Vidogram Messenger for Android let’s you make secure video and audio calls with live stream facility. The app let’s you save live stream for future reference. It lets you create up to different accounts so you can use it a number of times. Anti censorship tools lets you add additional features as you message. The app not just lets you make calls but also has a fun element to it with lots of multimedia and games. Chat separately with different users on different tab and simply swipe between them to switch tabs easily. Without quotes send messages and also edit messages before forwarding to anyone. Advanced forward features bring in a lot of flexibility while you forward messages. Bookmark feature is also available that lets you mark messages for future reference.

Reply to messages quickly by swiping left. Time deletion of messages up to 48 hours. The messages will get deleted automatically after 48 hours. Send stickers, voice messages and gifs. The app will get your confirmation before sending messages. The app lets you customize its interface with different themes and color schemes. Easily find username with the username finder. The main page can be arranged with last state of contacts and view all the people who have your number.


Vidogram for Android is loaded with features that make using the app a delight. You can do more than what a normal telegram does. Safe and secure messenger with speedy messages to those who need it. The app is free to download with no in-app purchases or ads.

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