VMate Status – Video Status & Status Downloader Android App

VMate Status Android App is a video status downloader app that helps you view the WhatsApp status videos of your friends. You are always bound to be curious about WhatsApp status of your friends and family. The app does not provide any kind of notification for it. VMate app for android helps you in this aspect. You can view all the status in one location. Now, this is the most interesting aspect. A video platform that is perfect for time pass. Not just status videos, you can view video songs as well. Change your WhatsApp status with ease. You could view any of the funny videos and share it with your friends. Make life more entertaining with lots of interesting choices from the app.

Watch and enjoy unlimited collection of videos

VMate Video Status & Status Downloader App for Android makes life interesting for people who have a penchant for videos and the like. This app gives you a lot of option to celebrate your free time. The most important feature of all is that you can download and save the WhatsApp status videos. It could be anybody’s status. It will be saved in your app. You can view it anytime and whenever there is a change, it will get updated automatically. Download and share song and comedy videos. The download will take only seconds. You can share these videos through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Become a fan of these videos and make use of SNS to chat with your fellow comrades. There various other options in the app, like wishes, quotes, good morning and good night messages and so on. The app understands your interests and makes personalized recommendations there by giving you an engaging experience as you watch the videos.


VMate Video Status & Status Downloader android app is a rich and interesting app. There is no dearth of choices of videos you can watch through this app. It is compatible with all devices. You can be in touch with your friends anytime anywhere. You can get updated with their status changes then and there.The app is free to download with no in app purchasesand ads.

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