Volt iPhone app Review


Were you ever fascinated by lightning as a child?  Does it still fascinate you?  If so, then this is the perfect iPhone app for you.  The Volt iPhone app is a 3D lighting extravaganza that allows you to unleash the bolt electricity right from your fingertips!

The basic premise of this iPhone app is very simple.  It allows you to customize and let out a variety of different lightning bolts either on the entire screen, or just have it emanate from icons.  You can spend hours touching the screen and watching the lightning bolts come out, or you can create icons and make them sizzle with electric energy.  Another good thing to use this app for is to prank your friends.  Ask them to find something on your phone and as they touch the screen they will be in for a shock!  You can electrocute and shock to your heart’s delight.

One of the best features of this app is the ability to create some very fun wallpapers.  You can create your own style of electric discharge and then modify them with different colors, energy, and zing to make them worthy of a background on your iPhone.


  • You have the ability to customize your lightning bolts as much as you want
  • You can toggle between a disco mode in order to get a funky lightning effect
  • You can increase or decrease the amount of electrical power going to the bolts
  • There is the option to also enhance or reduce the amount of energy in the lightning
  • Decide on the sphere size that you would like to use
  • You can also pick how many different bolts you want to be shown at any given time
  • You can pick the color of your lightning bolts
  • There is a multi-touch feature so that you can have bolts coming from multiple places
  • Shake your iPhone in order to hide or reveal different buttons
  • There is a vibration mode so that you simulate feeling the actual shock
  • A variety of different sound effects to choose from as you find the perfect customizable options


This is a fun idea for all the electricity lovers out there.  There are a few gameplay problems in the game.  For one, it does not always respond well to your touches.  Not only that, when customizing your lightning, the classic color yellow is not even an option.  Other than those few minor details, however, it is a fun app to test out with your friends and family.

Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $0.99 to download.

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