Watch Faces Custom Watch Face iPhone App Review

Watch Faces Custom Watch Face iPhone App helps you personalize your Apple Watch. Most of us love uniqueness and to be set apart from the rest of the crowd. Apart from the exterior color, Apple Watches mostly have the same design.

Decorate your Apple Watch with unique Apple Watch Faces

Watch Faces Custom Watch Face iPhone App is an inquisitive and beautiful app that let’s you customize your Apple Watch. It lets you customize the color, subdials, Rings, seconds time, view, style, numerals, timescale and more. A watch face helps one customize the settings of the Apple Watch in a way that it shows a unique setting of the home screen. Whenever you switch on the screen, you will be welcomed by the data you wanted to view in neat way. This helps you keep your Apple Watch unique and view things what really matters.

Every minute things within each feature of the watch is customizable. With the app, Watch Faces Custom Watch Face you can make your watch show the activity progress that is super imposed over an analog clock. Choose a digital clock to be shown along with activity progress. Have a 3D model of the solar system as watch face. Or, have a meditation tool to help you with breathing exercises you like to have in between work. Have a mix of Roman and Arabic numerals on your watch. Activate a stopwatch right on the face where you can also have the time displayed in precise increments.


Watch Faces Custom Watch Face App for iPhone is a popular custom settings available for Apple Watch. There are several watch faces available with the app using which you can customize your watch in myriads of way. It gives you the freedom to choose and customize based on your personal liking. Not all watch faces are available in every region. You need to keep the software updated for the latest set of watch faces.The app is free to download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer.There are no in app purchases available in the app. The app requires iOS 9.0 and above. Apart from Apple Watches, It is compatible with iPhone and iPad

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