WiFi Baby Monitor Android App Review

WiFi Baby Monitor for Android is a baby monitor application that works easily enough by connecting two devices (smart phone, tablet, or PC) through your local Wi-Fi network. With one device placed in the room where baby stays, the app will notify everything that happens in the room. Loaded with many useful features it is a blessing in disguise for all parents who might have to stay away from kids even for a little while.

Monitoring Babies The Best Way

To start functioning, WiFi Baby Monitor for Android just needs two hand-held smart devices. Take the first device, install the app and assign it as the baby device. Next take the second device, install the app and connect it as parents dev ice by entering the IP address of the baby device. Now, the app connects these two devices and you have set up the baby monitoring device. A series of great features make this app worth the effort taken. The audio transmission between both the devices allows noise detection and alerts the slightest cry your baby makes. It connects through Wi-Fi network and supports end to end encryption. It secures data by encrypting all audio and video data with a password. You can view the battery charge level of the baby device from the parents’ device.

WiFi Baby Monitor for Android sends out alarm if there is a connectivity issues as well as with the temperature and humidity sensors it updates the changes seen in them as well. The app is lightweight and consumes less charge and data. Additional features in paid version include, video monitoring and talk back facility, using which you can talk with your baby.


WiFi Baby Monitor for Android’s free version supports voice only monitoring and most of the other features while paid version adds video, talk back capabilities, encryption and it removes ads. You just need to have the full paid version in the baby’s device and a free version in the parent’s device you can use the complete functionality of the paid version of the baby’s device.

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