Wikipanion App for iPhone Review

We are now living in a fast pace environment and improving knowledge base is one of the important needs of the time. Now you can enhance your knowledge and do fast search using Wikipanion app for iPhone. This reference application is quite helpful for fast browsing on Wikipedia and provides smooth navigation on the screen. Wikipanion app can be downloaded for free from Appleā€™s iTunes Website.

Features of Wikipanion app

Wikipanion app for iPhone is full of smart features which make this very useful application in its class. The important features offered include bookmark management, maintains browsing history, dictionary support and category wise item search. User will definitely feel great while using Wikipanion on their iPhone. As this app not only streamline your bookmarks and webpage but also maintain individual sections per entry for better viewing. The app supports multiple search methods including smart completion during search with entry previews. For users who want to save their search results and information will find iCloud sync feature very useful. If you require sending links for subject information on Wikipedia, you can use Wikipanion app to do this. Another smart feature which is quite useful for users is audio playback. Users can opt for this feature to play dictionary pronunciations and other audio content available on Wikipedia.

Wikipanion App for iPhone

Wikipanion iPhone app supports multiple languages and dual language searching/switching in real time. If you are not sure about search item or its category, you will find table based category browsing quite useful. Wikipanion app is advertisement free and it provides smart experience for viewing Wikipedia. Users can do full in page searching and view browsing history by last visit date. Though this app maintains webpage history but it may be possible that some history get deleted in the app. This app is compatible with iOS version (4.3) or higher.


Wikipanion app for iPhone will definitely improve your ability to search item information from Wikipedia and other links. Features like dictionary and content management make this app more useful for users. Install it on your iPhone and enjoy fast access to Wikipedia.

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