Wildfire Info Android App Review

Wildfire Info Android App helps you find wild forest fires.This app is specifically designed only for the United States to help aid firefighters and the community living close to forest area. The app lets you find the current status of wildfire activity and the prescribed area through out USA. The app shows a 24 hours status using the NASA satellite, MODIS. Access to feeds generated by the state wildfire department will give enough information for the hikers and vacationers to stay safe. Fire maps will show all the hotspots of wildfire.

Stay safe from wildfire using this info app

Wildfire Info Android App is a threat to life and society and this app strives to provide enough of information to stay safe. It has a simple and clean interface with all information categorized into different sections. With simple taps, the Wildfire Info app can share the latest information on wildfires. It has two views, the map and a dashboard. The dashboard displays current situations about various wildfires. Critical facts including rate of speed, maps, images, containment levels and more. Get to see the communication between firefighters, twitter scrolls and hashtags. Information is sort from both the citizens staying near the blaze and the fire fighters.

The map displays the area under siege with contained area and the current fire perimeters. Toggle between different views to see topography, streets, satellite images, infrared, relief and more.It is one if the best tools for all things wildfire.


Wildfire Info App for Android posts accurate information which is possible through the collaboration with NASA, GeoMAC, CAL FIRE, and InciWeb. The app shows the current infrared GeoMAC that shows the active wildlife perimeter in a particular area. It has a section for Twitter accounts that feeds wildfire information. All data are categorized state wise and on chronological order. Incidents are tagged with name of the States. Information on wildfire is posted as soon as it is available from different sources. The app makes it so easy to find wildfire information.The app is free to download and use. There are no further in app purchases. There are ads.

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