Word Alert: Daily Bible Verses iPhone App Review

Much is said about Christianity. A lot of its ideas and beliefs are debated. However, one thing is for sure, religion is something that gives us hope. When things get tough, the words of the Lord as depicted in the Holy Bible is something that gives us solace. The verses of the holy book are not only for our tough times, but reading them every day makes us a better man. However, not everyone gets time to read the bible every day. For them, you have the Word Alert: Daily Bible Verses app for iPhone.

Get inspired by the words of the Bible

Word Alert for iPhone delivers daily bible verses to your devices. Whether its iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch you get the daily inspiration dose without you having to open your app. The user can set the time when the alert can go off. If you like a particular verse, you can save it so that you look at it and get inspired whenever you want to. You can also spread the word of the Lord by sharing your favorite verses with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, Email and Messages.

Word Alert Daily Bible Verses iPhone App Review

App Highlights

Get beautiful verses from the Holy Bible every day
Save your favorite verses
Share your favorite quotes with your loved ones


Word Alert: Daily Bible Verse for iPhone is a no-fuss app and you can get your way with ease. So, install the app and let the words of Our Lord change your life. Amen!

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