X-plore File Manager Android App Review

X-plore File Manager Android App, X-plore File Manager App for Android, X-plore File Manager App

X-plore File Manager Android App is professional as well as easy to use and manipulate. It has a well structured tree view split across screen. It looks like our good old Windows operating system, mostly the earlier version. There is always dearth for a good file manager when it comes to smart devices. Most of them come with an inbuilt file manager. It may be useful and some may not. X-plore makes life simple.

Access and transfer files andfolders easily

X-plore File Manager App for Android  is an amazingly easy to use and a professional software with a clean interface. It has a split screen with menu bar in the center. You can have the devise folders on one side and external storage on the other side. The menu buttons are clearly labelled. The app lets you customize the menus to act the way you want to. It displays the total memory size and available free space, thumbnails and folder hierarchy.

X-plore File Manager Android App lets you access files from other android devices through WiFi. You can further explore all installed applications apart from viewing, opening, copying and sharing across devices. Easily access FTP and FTPS servers and other multiple servers that are configured. The X-plore App helps easily transfer files between folders in the same device, SD card or cloud transfer. The app let’s you manage the view, which is split screen and manage what needs to appear in both sides of the screen.


X-plore File Manager Android App is one of the easiest and file managers available for android phones. It has built in file viewer that supports all types of files. You just need to open the files in the viewer which is quicker than accessing the file. It supports all kind of file operations and gives us easy controls like, swipe, tap and long taps to open what is needed.Database files can be viewed as expanded table formats with rows and columns. The app is available for free to download. There are no ads placed by the developers. There are in-app purchases available in the appto purchase additional features.

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